Honda Centre

Founded in 1965, the first Honda Motorcycle dealer of Canada is not only a family business but it is also a big family for employees, customers and the motorcycle community of Canada.

The challenge

Honda Centre is currently the oldest Honda Motorcycle Dealer in Canada.

Driven by the passion for motorcycles, it is a family business that has faced many challenges over the years and survived all of them.

One of the challenges of the new era was to update their online presence,  keeping the company's culture and alignment with Honda Canada while being on top of the latest design trends and technologies.

Honda Centre has many completely different target markets, as they sell and service almost every single product made by Honda since 1965. From power generators, lawnmowers and snowblowers to motorcycles, ATVs, Side by Sides, and Outboards and water pressurizers.

Their main target market is motorcycle sales, but this project should also serve various personas, from homeowners that want to buy and service lawnmowers or snowblowers to adventurous riders that want to buy an ATV to hunt in their cabin, communicating the quality and trust built by the dealership and Honda Canada.

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Artboard 4
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Previous website


New website


Tools used in this project


Google Forms
Microsoft Excel
Google Analytics
Accessibility Checker
Website Grader


Pen & Paper
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


Mind map

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