A Product Designer passionate about Design, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Technology as tools to empower humanity.

Ed Ishida and his motorcycle at Vancouver, BC

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With a mix of cultures, experiences, values and passions. I was born in Brazil with Japanese roots and lots of Italian cultural influence. I have lived four years on the West Coast of Canada and recently decided to explore the East Coast, moving to Toronto.

I am passionate about how people, technology, design and marketing can positively affect humanity.

My first UX Design Project was called Hai-net a social media focused on the Asian communities established in Brazil.

I am also passionate about coffee, outdoor activities, technology, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and last but not least, making a positive impact in the world and the people around me.

You may find me riding motorcycles and scooters, searching for hidden coffee shops, helping people in need or brainstorming new social entrepreneurial challenges.

Or I'm most likely having fun with my cute little Japanese Brazilian German Canadian blondie niece.

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  • UX Design Professional - RED Academy Toronto - Toronto, ON
  • Media Techniques & Marketing Communications, with distinction - BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) - Vancouver, BC
  • Graphic Design, with distinction - BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) - Vancouver, BC
  • UX Design - Miami Ad School/ESPM - Sao Paulo, BR
  • Industrial Design, focus on Product Design - Mackenzie University - Sao Paulo, BR

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